The Importance of the BROWSER in the new era of enterprise work

The Importance of the BROWSER in the new era of enterprise work

Ransomware, phishing, DNS attacks, data breaches, and malicious redirects are just some examples of the enterprise security threats when employees are using commercially available consumer browsers.

Many organizations struggle to balance their remote work structure with security and resort to disabling various usability features within the system. However, while this approach may increase security, it comes with a number of drawbacks. The over-policing of employees results in negative employee-employer relationships, and the strict security measures can halt productivity by way of decreased agility.


To decrease security threats while maintaining a positive user experience, many enterprises have started adding browser extensions. Cloud management and threat protection extensions automatically detect, organize, and prevent cyber threats from imbedding while also helping IT teams keep track of any vulnerabilities in their systems. The only aspect of operations not taken into consideration is agility. Relying on multiple security solutions can cause a management nightmare. It increases the risk of human error and keeps CISOs and IT teams too focused on software security management to be of much use in other aspects of the business. In addition, as Chromium evolves, those extensions need to be managed and upgraded as well.

Safe Browsing Technology

Many of the commercial browsers are working toward increasing the security of their software by creating built-in lines of defense. These features are to protect against pop-ups, dangerous downloads, and malicious websites and extensions. AI/ML is also being implemented to proactively fight against cyberattacks by identifying potential threats based on previous breaches. If threat actors still manage to break through, sandboxing and site isolation are used to keep the threat contained and limit damage as much as possible. However, what all these precautions fail to account for is the people using the technology.

 Agility, Privacy, Security

Since the pandemic, many companies have permanently adopted remote or hybrid work structures. This increased flexibility poses significant risk for the enterprise. Employees are working from personal devices, connected to any number of networks - homes, cafes, libraries – so it is highly likely their connections aren't safe. Corporations are left with less control, visibility, and safety. However, the decision to mitigate this by doubling down on security measures often results in less agility and privacy for employees. Increased monitoring makes employees wary of their personal data being released, and a complex cybersecurity stack leaves a complicated margin of error.


The Enterprise Browser

The browser was originally designed to be one of many tools we use in our everyday, “non-work” lives. However, it has transformed into one of the most popular and widely used software platforms in existence – for any purpose. Many individuals spend the majority of their workdays - plus their free time - surfing the web via the browser.

Today, browser security tools and extensions are working to transform the original design to make it more appropriate for business use.

Why not just create a brand new browser? An enterprise-focused browser creates a completely secure and isolated network that provides corporations with access control, visibility, and security. Instead of relying on a complex cocktail of solutions, enterprises can collapse their cybersecurity stack into one centralized solution. The enterprise browser replaces VPN, SSL, RBI, and more, delivering a secure service edge. With a user experience nearly identical to Google Chrome, it’s the ideal platform for enterprise security.

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