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In the episode Colin McCarthy and Rose Layton are talking to the CTO and CoFounder of Surf Security discussing options for securing your enterprise at the Browser and how that's different than VPN or VDI.

SaaS Showdown is a show to help educate and entertain SMB IT Professionals and is all about Managing SaaS Applications. Managing SaaS can be challenging, but with the right tools, and the right methodology, it doesn’t have to be. SaaS Showdown teaches you how to manage SaaS at your organization while staying sane!




About SURF: 

SURF is a zero-trust enterprise browser portfolio that offers advanced security features to protect your business from internal and external threats. With granular access control, real-time data monitoring, strong encryption, and safe browsing capabilities, it allows employees to work efficiently while ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

SURF's unique ability to observe every interaction between users, applications, and data allows for complete visibility and control over access to applications and data, ensuring compliance with security standards. It also consolidates multiple security tools such as VPN, ZTNA, CASB, DLP, SWG, and VDI, simplifying the security stack and enhancing overall security. With SURF, you can rest assured that your organization's sensitive information is protected to the highest standard

About the hosts:

Colin McCarthy-

A Google Workspace and SaaS admin and expert, Colin first saw the power of SaaS in 2005 when he used Writely (which became Google Docs) and his own Google Apps for Business domain in 2009. Since then he’s helped companies grow and expand by embracing Google Workspace and SaaS platforms, migrating a number from Exchange to Google Workspace. Originally from the London area, Colin is now based in NYC, where he manages a global IT support team. He appreciates sharing his knowledge and insight, evangelizing SaaSOps, learning from others, and engaging the community through SOLVE (SaaSOps Life Virtual Events).

 Rose Layton-

Is currently working on some IT projects for a very recognizable foundation. Originally intending to become a teacher, she leverages that background, along with over nine years of experience in technical support roles, to help build positive relationships between the IT team and other business units, improve IT processes, help guide IT initiatives, and work towards a world-class employee experience. She is also a regular contributor to the SaaSOps movement, including SOLVE meetings (SaaSOps Life Virtual Events), BetterIT, and author of the blog post and ebook “The IT Handbook to Choosing the Right SaaS App”.

Rose believes strongly in the power of technology as a potential force for good, working smarter instead of harder, and getting enough sleep. She recently relocated to Chicago, IL with her two cats.



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