SURF is Available Across All Mobile Platforms

SURF is Available Across All Mobile Platforms

In today's fast-paced digital age, our smartphones and tablets have evolved into indispensable tools, serving as not just windows to the world but also as major instruments for work. They are our communication hubs, workstations, and entertainment centers. With this increased reliance on mobile devices, ensuring the security of our digital work environment on iOS, Android, and tablets is more critical than ever. SURF Security is proud to announce an expansion of our offerings, now available on iOS, Android, and tablets, providing you with a powerful shield against cyber threats on the go.

The Mobile Security Imperative

Smartphones and tablets, have become prime targets for cyberattacks. With the wealth of personal and sensitive information stored on them, it's no wonder hackers are constantly seeking vulnerabilities. From phishing attacks to malware and ransomware, the threat landscape is diverse and evolving.

SURF Security: Your Mobile Guardian in Zero Trust

At SURF Security, our unwavering commitment has always been to safeguard company resources and ensure secure access, no matter where you are. Our expansion to iOS and Android, encompassing smartphones and tablets, underscores our dedication to providing top-tier Zero Trust cybersecurity that accompanies you anytime and on any device, anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Mobile Browsing Protection

SURF Security on iOS and Android provides comprehensive protection for your mobile and tablet devices. Featuring real-time threat monitoring, robust malware scanning, and secure browsing features, our solution ensures that your mobile and tablet devices are shielded from malware, phishing attacks, drive by downloads and other digital threats encountered during online activities.

DLP integrated into our mobile web browser, Your confidential data receives an extra layer of protection. DLP technology helps prevent accidental data leaks and ensures that your confidential data stays within your control, even while browsing the web on the go. Features like prevent copy and paste, watermarking to the screen, prevent download, prevent uploads are all coming built in and more!

At SURF Security, we understand that a seamless and familiar user experience is essential. With our comprehensive mobile and tablet protection, we've seamlessly integrated security features without compromising your online experience. It's all the same as it was before, but with the added layer of protection you need to navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Your smartphone and tablet are extensions of your life, and they deserve the best protection. SURF Security on iOS and Android, is here to provide just that. Whether you're sending emails, or simply browsing the web, our cybersecurity solutions have your back.

A Comprehensive Zero Trust Ecosystem

With this latest addition to the SURF Security portfolio, we are proud to offer a holistic Zero Trust solution that spans across a diverse array of platforms and devices. From MacOS to Windows, Linux to ChromeOS, and iOS to Android, we provide full Zero Trust protection seamlessly across your entire digital ecosystem. Whether you're using a desktop or laptop, a smartphone or tablet, our browser, extensions, and mobile solutions ensure that your online activities are safeguarded with the highest level of security. With SURF Security, you can trust that your digital world remains secure, no matter where or how you choose to connect.

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