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As call centers play a critical role in managing customer data, personal information, and other sensitive data businesses rely on, it's crucial to adopt a solution that can offer optimal protection. 

However, traditional browsers commonly used in the enterprise to access this data often lack the required security controls, making them vulnerable to cyber threats. This leaves organizations with a difficult choice - either stick with the legacy VPN which supports voice but undermines user experience or move to a ZTNA approach that cannot support voice without potentially exposing the Session Border Controller by having to put it in a publicly accessible DMZ. In response, organizations resort to adding multiple solutions like agents, proxies, gateways, and VDIs to their security stacks, but this only exacerbates the complexity of their security infrastructure.

This issue is compounded by the increasing frequency of data breaches caused by vulnerabilities in the network or endpoint. A Ponemon Institute study revealed 60% of organizations have experienced at least one data breach due to such vulnerabilities, emphasizing the need for a more secure solution for accessing and running SaaS applications in call centers.

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Moreover, the high cost of implementing multiple security solutions is another major concern for call centers. The same Ponemon study found the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million. This puts pressure on organizations to find cost-effective solutions that provide the required security controls without sacrificing user experience or workflow. Call centers must adopt a secure and reliable solution that will simplify their security stack without increasing costs.

In addition to the high cost of data breaches, deploying multiple solutions in call centers can have a negative impact on productivity. The complexity of the security stack can lead to longer onboarding times for new agents and slow down processes, causing frustration and reducing customer response times. This can lead to decreased morale and job satisfaction among call center agents, which can ultimately result in high turnover rates and difficulties in attracting new talent. Furthermore, navigating multiple solutions can be difficult and confusing for call center agents, leading to confusion and mistakes that can further affect customer satisfaction. It's important to have a solution that not only provides necessary security controls, but also enhances the user experience and streamlines processes to increase productivity and efficiency. The quicker customers are served, the better for your business.

The Zero-Trust browser offers a simpler and more secure solution for accessing and running SaaS applications. It eliminates the need for multiple solutions by incorporating the necessary security controls within the browser itself. This results in a simpler security stack, reduced costs, and improved user experience. In addition the seamless integration with IDP enables directly enforcing policies on groups and users that already exist in the IDP and enforces another layer of Zero-Trust on the authentication of the user and the device itself to the work environment.

SURF also offers a comprehensive range of enterprise capabilities. The advanced Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) features, such as PII masking, preventing copy, paste, print, or download, allow administrators to disable functions within the browser to prevent sensitive information from being accidentally shared or leaked. Other security features include disabling automatic browser sync, search suggestions, metrics reporting, background processing, phishing protection, and content rendering. All can be tailored to meet the specific needs of call centers, providing organizations with complete control over their access and browser security.

Call centers require a secure and reliable system to protect sensitive information. By adopting SURF SECURITY's zero trust browser, call centers can access and run SaaS applications securely, unlocking multiple budgets in the enterprise and smoothing the friction associated with securing applications in remote or hybrid work environments. 

Upgrade to SURF SECURITY today to improve your call center security posture and simplify your security stack. Don't miss out on the opportunity to secure your call center and protect sensitive information.

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