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Privacy regulations are going beyond GDPR, CCPA, etc. Now, the focus is expanding from customers to employees. Employees are ever more aware of their individual rights and especially sensitive to being observed. With technology allowing employers to watch employee’s screens in real time, monitor calls, and automatically send screenshots to executives, employees are right in feeling that the steps being taken to observe productivity have gotten a bit creepy.

This level of monitoring has seen a negative impact on employee-employer relationships and has many employees feeling uneasy about what exactly is being reported. This issue is further exacerbated when taking the post-pandemic remote work structure into account. With employees now working off their own devices and networks, their private data could be at risk for monitoring, too. 

Generally, privacy tends to be an afterthought for many organizations. However, privacy goes beyond just maintaining the laws and rights of your employees, by taking everyone’s privacy seriously, it creates a culture of trust in the workforce and ensures your employees feel comfortable and secure.

 The Risks

Choosing not to implement security controls onto private devices leaves enterprises at risk for cyber attacks and data breaches. Unmanaged endpoints can result in accidental breaches of privacy policy. Corporations are made up of hundreds of moving parts, and maintaining visibility into all aspects of the business is vital for success. That said, by not making privacy a main focus, corporations may be at risk for fines and lawsuits that amount to millions of dollars.

Corporate Only

SURF’s secure enterprise browser exclusively tracks corporate employee activity, leaving all other activity private. SURF only reports activities when there is a breach of predetermined company policy. For example, if employees try to access data they do not have clearance for, an alert will be generated.

Ensured Privacy

SURF Security’s Zero-Trust architecture reconstructs every webpage accessed to meet individual website preferences and deliver consistent privacy. This protects the user from hackers, malware, and unwanted interactions, such as ads.


Not all enterprise browsers are built the same, and SURF Security is the only zero-trust secure corporate browser that was created with the employer and the employee in mind. Aimed to protect every user - at all levels - SURF reports only the activity that is relevant to the corporation. No more IT teams accessing user information and activity; with SURF, security doesn’t come at the expense of employee privacy.

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