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The SURF Enterprise Zero Trust Browser's™ main advantages in the call centre are its blistering speed and the massive cost savings that come with ditching slow and costly VDI. However, the Covid-19 pandemic forced an unprecedented shift towards remote work models. Whilst this improved flexibility for businesses and employees, it also amplified cybersecurity risks. With sensitive customer data flowing through less controlled networks, organisations need robust tools to react swiftly to potential breaches and threats. This is where its "Kill Session" feature can play a crucial role.

SURF Security's "Kill Session": a cybersecurity lifeline

Imagine a scenario where a disgruntled employee threatens to expose sensitive data, or a cyber attacker gains unauthorised access to a call centre employee’s computer. The "Kill Session" feature within SURF Security's Zero Trust Browser provides system administrators with the power to instantly terminate active user sessions across all SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. With a single click, the administrator can:

  • Mitigate breaches: in the event of a data breach, swift containment is paramount. The "Kill Session" feature immediately isolates compromised accounts, preventing the theft of sensitive information.
  • Protect customer data from an ongoing attack: if a nefarious agent has physical access to a worker’s computer, has logged in and is stealing data;  this feature can be used to safeguard vital customer information such as financial records, health data, or personally identifiable information (PII), which can be a prime target for attackers.
  • Manage customer service crises: if a call centre agent faces a situation beyond their expertise or becomes involved in a customer service escalation, the "Kill Session" feature lets administrators intervene before a situation worsens.


How does "Kill Session" work?

The SURF Security Zero Trust Browser operates with a strict policy of never trusting a network, a user or a device. It leverages sophisticated authentication and authorisation protocols to ensure a secure and auditable connection to authorized SaaS applications. The "Kill Session" feature works within this framework to immediately revoke a user's access tokens, effectively logging them out of all applications within the browser.

Beyond the call centre: key cybersecurity use cases of "Kill Session"

The value proposition of SURF's "Kill Session" feature extends to multiple domains across cybersecurity:

  • Incident Response: When any unauthorised access or suspicious activity is detected, "Kill Session" empowers incident response teams to swiftly contain the threat and minimize the potential for further damage.
  • Employee Termination or Offboarding: Ensures smooth offboarding by instantly revoking departing employees' access to enterprise accounts and applications, eliminating the risk of unauthorised data access.
  • Account Compromise: If a user's credentials are compromised, "Kill Session" can be used to instantly terminate their session across all applications, preventing malicious actors from exploiting those credentials.
  • Privileged Access Management: Enhances control over privileged accounts by enabling immediate session termination, minimizing the risk of misuse.


The Importance of Zero Trust in a Remote Work World

The "Kill Session" feature exemplifies the shift towards a zero trust security model, especially pertinent in the era of remote and hybrid work. Zero trust rejects the outdated concept of a trusted perimeter, instead advocating for continuous authentication and granular access controls. Tools like SURF Security's browser and browser extension help organisations adopt a zero trust approach by providing a secure environment for user interactions with SaaS applications.

In an increasingly complex threat landscape, SURF Security's Zero Trust Browser, equipped with the "Kill Session" feature, provides a much-needed layer of control and responsiveness. Whether addressing a cybersecurity incident or managing sensitive customer interactions, it helps system administrators maintain a secure and trustworthy digital environment.

About Surf Security:

SURF’s Zero-Trust Browser™ – essential/future-proof/next-level protection for business from threats. Surf Security creates an isolated work environment that reduces the attack surface and simplifies security, while reducing the security spend. Discover how to gain control and visibility of app and data access while increasing the privacy and productivity of users - on-premises or in the cloud. And find out why this means goodbye to VDI.

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