Zero-Trust Enterprise Browser - The New Heart of Business Operations

Zero-Trust Enterprise Browser - The New Heart of Business Operations

Zero-Trust Enterprise Browser - The New Heart of Business Operations

No one can argue that the pandemic transformed global business. While remote work has been slowly gaining ground, COVID-19 has made it the norm. Combine this with the exponential growth in SaaS adoption, the browser used as the main productivity tool, and the projection that  more than 85% of organizations will embrace cloud-first by 2025 –and you get exponential growth of attack surface as well, putting organizations’ crown jewels at risk.


A New Era, A New Approach

Even with these seismic shifts in the way we work, the approach to security has stayed pretty much the same - a new tool here, an upgrade there - putting immense pressure on IT teams and CISOs to keep up with the overwhelming sea of security tools they need for on-premise infrastructure, cloud infrastructures, and hybrid environments.

Employees have outside the organization’s physical perimeter as code repositories, cloud workloads, SaaS applications, and files can be accessed through the new universal OS – the web browser - on their laptop, smartphone, tablet, and even smart TV, allowing them to work however, wherever, and whenever, increasing the risk that employees may intentionally or accidentally put sensitive data at risk. 

Therefore, a zero-trust, identity-based browser is essential for addressing the complexity of today’s multi-platform threat surfaces.

SURFing with a Zero-Trust, Identity-based Browser 

Employees can download any browser they’re most comfortable working with - Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and more, thus using a completely insecure environment to access the organization’s assets and creating a massive attack surface that adversaries exploit. This way of work prevents security teams from gaining visibility and insights into what’s actually happening.

SURF’s solution collapses the security stack into one single control point – the corporate browser. Redefining enterprise cybersecurity - SURF is making the browser the organization's first line of defense, securing a distributed workforce. The Zero-Trust, identity-based browser provides visibility, control, and governance over all employee corporate activities no matter where they are located or what devices, SaaS services, or extensions they’re using - reporting only violations against corporate policies without recording any personal browsing activities. SURF’s focus on privacy ensures employees can feel at ease while not having to worry about their personal browsing data being traced. In addition, SURF ensures compliance to international data privacy regulations including the United States’ requirement to adopt a Zero-Trust architecture (ZTA), with comprehensive focus on Zero-Trust, identity, and privacy. 

SURF takes a new approach to securing critical apps and data - instead of adding layers of virtualization, cost, complexity and fracturing the user experience, security and access controls are built-in, enabling secure browsing.

The SURF browser, available for Windows, Android, Mac OS, and Linux, simplifies the onboarding process as well - employees or IT install the SURF browser providing every user with native application performance. There’s no need to break a sweat trying to master a new and unfamiliar platform; built on Chromium, users get almost an identical user experience as Chrome but with exceptionally strong security behind the scenes.

SURFing Securely Made Easy

Built by CISOs for CISOs, SURF understands the challenges security teams face when it comes to balancing security, privacy, and business operations. Businesses must ensure that team members can access corporate data and applications, on-premise and cloud-based, without added risks. SURF Security’s Zero-Trust enterprise browser directly solves these challenges – and speeds adoption with its critical focus on privacy.

SURF's Zero trust browser solution brief
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