The top 20 zero-trust startups to watch in 2023

The top 20 zero-trust startups to watch in 2023

By VentureBeat

"For many zero-trust founders and their teams, their sales pipeline is now their financial lifeline. With venture funding cooling off in 2023, founders are re-evaluating and, in some cases, pushing back on the growth-at-all-costs mentality investors urged them to pursue just a few months ago.

A Crunchbase query completed today shows that 342 cybersecurity-focused startups founded in January 2021 or later received $1.85 billion in funding. Startups founded in January 2022 or later number just 122, with total funding of $450 million.  


CB Insights’ The State of Venture in 5 Charts report is worth a read for anyone interested in the startup community. It quantifies the challenges all startup founders face, even those in hot areas like cybersecurity and zero trust. Startup founders tell VentureBeat that the days of profligate spending are over. There’s more oversight of investments and spending, and better controls on expenses.

Surf Security’s chromium-based zero-trust browser prevents attacks while protecting user privacy to strengthen organizational security. The platform lets workers work whenever, wherever and however they want. SURF requires identity-first access to all SaaS and corporate assets through its centralized platform, ensuring zero trust is consistently achieved across all browser endpoints."

SASE and Zero Trust Browser, are better together
Hub-scale podcast hosting Moty Jacob, CEO and Founder of SURF Security
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