Sales Bluebird podcast hosting Moty Jacob, CEO and Founder of SURF

Sales Bluebird Podcast

214: On this episode of Sales Bluebird we talk with Moty Jacob, the CEO of Surf Security, and we dive into the world of enterprise security, company differentiation, and the rise of browser-based solutions. We begin by exploring an open onboarding process tailored to employees' needs and how important it is for new employees to understand the company's capabilities. We also discuss building successful channel partnerships, reducing attack surfaces, and finding talent with strong networks and trusted reputations. Our guest shares insights on enterprise security and how finding a buzz around the industry can attract senior security leaders. Furthermore, we hear a personal story about the Venice Carnival and the challenges of attracting CISOs. Finally, we learn about Surf Security, a browser-based zero-trust solution for enterprise-level security, and how it can collapse all security tools into one power control point for improved agility and reduced security risks.

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Hub-scale podcast hosting Moty Jacob, CEO and Founder of SURF Security
Zero-Trust Browser: Enhancing Enterprise Security and Boosting Cost Savings
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