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Tech Salescraft with Moty Jacob

James is delighted to be joined by Moty Jacob, Co-Founder of SURF SECURITY, on this episode of Tech Salescraft.

A renowned CISO, Moty offers us a fascinating exploration of the security world, sharing his impact on an ever-evolving marketplace. Critically, he shares how he ensured there was no trade-off between security and agility; firms should be afforded the chance to implement both into their operations.

It is that ability to create something unique, innovative and frictionless that has propelled Moty to incredible professional heights. We’re given an exclusive look at the thought processes and team building that sits behind this; with a particularly eye-opening look at the centrality of diversity in teams.

We also explore company growth and international expansion. From Europe to North America, Moty shares his excitement for the opportunities that each unique marketplace presents- particularly for start-up companies.

To everyone in the security realm: this is a must-watch! Thank you Moty for joining us on Tech Salescraft!

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