Nick Knupffer Joins Surf Security

Nick Knupffer Joins Surf Security

Tech-Marketing Veteran Nick Knupffer Joins Surf Security During Company's Expansion

As Surf Security embarks on a pivotal phase of growth, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Nick Knupffer to lead our marketing efforts. With a distinguished career spanning 25 years, Nick has cultivated a wealth of expertise. He has made significant contributions to marketing strategies within Fortune 500 giants such as Intel and AMD. Additionally, his impactful work extends to groundbreaking startups within the AI, API, and supercomputing sectors.

"In a stage of hyper-growth, Surf demands marketing strategies that are not only creative and effective but scalable. Nick's extensive experience positions him as an unparalleled asset to our team as we move towards success," stated Moty Yacob, CEO of Surf Security.

"The shift towards 100% Software as a Service (SaaS) tools, accessed primarily through browsers, signals a critical evolution in enterprise software. Yet, current browser solutions, tailored for consumer use, lack the sophistication and security required for enterprise environments. Surf's Enterprise Zero Trust Browser sets the stage for a simpler and instantly more secure environment while reducing CIO/CISO spend. Riding this next wave in security is why I am eager to contribute to Surf Security's mission and help businesses elevate their web surfing experience to a business-class standard,"  Nick shared.

About Surf Security:

SURF’s Zero-Trust Browser™ – essential/future-proof/next-level protection for business from threats. Surf Security creates an isolated work environment that reduces the attack surface and simplifies security, while reducing the security spend. Discover how to gain control and visibility of app and data access while increasing the privacy and productivity of users - on-premises or in the cloud. And find out why this means goodbye to VDI.

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