Revolutionizing Secure Access for Third-Party Contractors Handling Sensitive Company Data

third party contractors access

Revolutionizing Secure Access for Third-Party Contractors Handling Sensitive Company Data


In the modern business landscape, third-party contractors play a crucial role in providing specialized services to enterprises without the commitments of full-time employment. However, granting these contractors access to sensitive company data poses significant security risks. Traditional security measures often fall short in mitigating these risks, leading to potential data breaches and compromises. This white paper introduces Surf Security, a transformative Zero-Trust browser solution, addressing the challenges associated with granting secure access to third-party contractors.

The Current Landscape:

Current data protection strategies involve diverse approaches, from providing secure company devices to allowing contractors to use personal computers. However, these methods expose businesses to vulnerabilities, compromising data security. The extensive onboarding processes for contractors often demand excessive access to personal devices, posing fairness and practicality concerns.

Enter Surf Security:

Surf Security introduces a paradigm shift in securing company data accessed by third-party contractors. Leveraging a Zero-Trust enterprise browser, Surf ensures robust data security without compromising operational flexibility. This browser's architecture facilitates tailored security measures, employing user-based access controls and authentication protocols. It empowers businesses to grant contractors access only to the necessary information, reducing exposure to sensitive data.

Why Choose Surf Security?

Surf Security distinguishes itself as the premier Zero-Trust enterprise browser, prioritizing both employee and employer needs. Unlike conventional solutions, Surf exclusively monitors corporate activity, respecting contractors' personal privacy by not tracking personal browsing habits. Contractors can confidently operate from their own devices without compromising their privacy. Surf’s reporting mechanism solely focuses on corporate activity and policy breaches, reinforcing corporate identity and safeguarding contractor privacy.

SURF Security: Advanced Features and Capabilities

Zero Trust Architecture:

  • Zero-Trust Principles: SURF operates on the Zero-Trust model, treating every access request as potentially unauthorized, requiring strict authentication.
  • Granular Access Controls: Precise access controls ensure contractors access only necessary data, reducing exposure to sensitive information.

Privileged Access Control:

  • Role-Based Access: SURF employs role-based controls, ensuring contractors have access rights based on their responsibilities.
  • Granular Permission Settings: Contractors' access levels are fine-tuned, preventing unauthorized access to critical systems and data.

Device Compliance and Security Standards:

  • Compliance Verification: SURF verifies contractors' devices for adherence to organizational security standards.
  • Security Posture Assessment: Regular checks ensure devices meet required security protocols.

Phishing and Credential Protection:

  • Anti-Phishing Measures: Advanced mechanisms identify and block suspicious links and emails.
  • Credential Protection: Encryption and multi-factor authentication secure contractors' login credentials.

Read-Only Websites and Web Filtering:

  • Restricted Data Access: Contractors access sensitive information in read-only mode, preventing accidental modifications.
  • Web Filtering Controls: SURF blocks unauthorized or non-compliant websites, reducing malware risks.

Safe Browsing and Privacy Protection:

  • Secure Browsing: Contractors operate within a safe environment, protected against malicious websites, malicious files, and cyber threats.
  • Privacy Preservation: Contractors' personal browsing remains private, focusing solely on monitoring corporate activities.

Data Control and Protection:

  • Data Encryption: All data accessed through SURF is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): Robust mechanisms prevent data leaks or exfiltration by contractors.

Forensics and Monitoring:

  • Forensic Capabilities: SURF incorporates robust forensic tools, enabling retrospective analysis in the event of security incidents.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of contractor activities allows for immediate response to policy breaches or suspicious behavior.


SURF Security emerges as a comprehensive solution addressing security challenges associated with third-party contractor access. By integrating advanced features like Zero-Trust architecture, privileged access control, stringent device compliance checks, phishing protection, read-only access, web filtering, safe browsing, robust data protection measures, forensics, and real-time monitoring, SURF ensures a secure environment while preserving contractors' privacy. Embracing SURF Security empowers organizations to foster a culture of secure collaboration, safeguarding critical assets and data integrity.


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