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Take a closer look at SURF Extension in our brochure. See how this advanced tool easily fits into your existing setup, boosting productivity while making your digital world safer and cutting security costs. Learn about our zero-trust browser approach, giving you control and protection like never before. Join a growing group of happy users who've used SURF Extension to keep their digital stuff safe. Don't wait; get our brochure now to start building a stronger and more efficient cybersecurity plan.


Core Values:

  • Efficient and seamless integration: Install the extension in seconds, without disrupting your workflow.
  • Streamlined Efficiency and Productivity Boost: Prioritize security without hindering productivity, thanks to increased visibility and control.
  • Organizational-grade secure web browsing: Protect against web-based threats with advanced capabilities like URL filtering, data leakage protection, anti-phishing, and account hijacking.
  • Secure usage and integration with new AI platforms: Safely use AI tools without exposing personal data, ensuring privacy and compliance.


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